The tennis ball size EZVIZ C3N security camera is a solid bit of kit. Within the first week of it being up, and in typical British style, it was battered by hail, rain and storms, before being roasted on the hottest day of the year. Another thing that sets it on top of the pile is an answering machine option.

  • Sitting down to practise your breathing can, in theory, be just as beneficial as puffing your way through a 10k.
  • Dubbed “gene drives”, self-replicating edits based on CRISPR technology could ravage through entire populations.
  • The same scientists propose controlling grey squirrels with gene drives, in order to save the UK’s native reds.
  • However, some of the headsets like the Oculus Rift are an affordable and reliable solution for gaming.
  • That’s a long way off but the firm gives strong hints about the models it’s working on right now.

An LED light lets you know when the charge is finished, dimming at night so as not to disturb your sleep, and the 9W Fast Charging support ensures that you’ll get the job done quickly. An intuitive, minimalist 4K QLED TV that functions without an aerial dish, Sky’s new all-in-one entertainment system does things a little differently. Available in three sizes and five colours, the idea is that you pick one of several pricing plans on a 24-or-48-month basis, rather than buy the screen outright, plus a Sky TV streaming subscription. Then you’re away, free to enjoy the device’s impressive Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos sound systems, voice capabilities and plethora of streaming options and apps. You can’t record movies and TV shows, but there are plenty available as part of the streaming packages, and it gives you the option of beginning a movie from the start if you tune in half-way through.

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The true answer is the stainless steel Ember Smart Mug², which keeps your drink temperature controlled for up to three hours (or all-day if its placed on the charging coaster). According to London-based brand Nolii, this is the world’s first modular plug and power bank system – which is to say, it strips back the need for separate charging wires altogether. The silicone plug attaches magnetically to the power bank, which itself has a built-in lightning cable (as well as a USB-A port for non-iPhone related emergencies.) It’s a smart idea! How often have you you picked up a power bank in a mad dash out of the door, only to find that it has run out of juice? Doesn’t hurt that Nolii create some of the most tastefully designed phone accessories in the game, too. The kind of sound investment that reassures you as soon as you use it, everyone needs a top-of-the-range electric toothbrush.

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Available with sanded maple or walnut wood accents, the product works with Apple’s own MagSafe charger . It can hold your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode, but in case you prefer your iPhone to charge while flat, Grovemade also offers a MagSafe charging dock. Available in black and white, the latest Tile Pro tracker is also easy to set up and IP67 water-resistant. Like all Lifeproof products, the WĀKE offers superb protection from scratches and drops. The case is available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones in several colors.

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So far, the tasks are simple, such as sorting the recycling , but it’s the shape of robots to come. The VII Series surge protector has a durable and tangle-free cable that’s as cool-looking as its metal casing. The Austere VII Series power outlet has a sleek design and an equally impressive finish.