About Information Including Software
About Information Including Software

Definition of Software

About Information Including Software. Software (Software) is a special term used for formatted data. And stored digitally which includes computer programs, documentation, and all information that can be written and read by a computer. The software can also be called a part of a computer system that has no real form. Such terms are used to highlight the difference between computer hardware (software) and hardware (hardware). Because it is said to be software, the software has properties that are far different from hardware (hardware).

About Information Including Software. If the hardware is a real device, it can be seen with a clear eye and can be held directly at the same time. So this does not apply to software, because the software cannot be held and seen physically. Although the software does not appear in physical form, the software can be run and operated properly.

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Software Functions

The main functions of the software are:

About Information Including Software. Processing certain data, orders, or instructions so that it will produce the information desired by the user. As a means of interaction to connect users with hardware in the computer.

Sample Software

Software System
Software is used as an operating system in a computer to manage hardware and software resources and provide information to users.

Browser software
To find certain information needed on the internet.

Microsoft Office
Software that is made and designed specifically to support work in offices or schools.

Paint Software
Software that has a function as an image or design processor

Anti Virus Software
Protect the system from various virus attacks.
Computer Software Components

Operating system
The first software that the computer will read when booting is the basis for computer operation as well as being a major component in system software.

Additional programs / Programs help (Utility)
Definition: system software with a specific function, for example, to check for damaged diskette hardware, set hard disk refills (partition, defrag).

Computer Language (Programming Language)
Definition: the language used to create a computer program. It is called a computer language because it has vocabulary and grammar that every user must obey so as not to cause errors.

Benefits of Software
Not a few people or companies use software development as a source of income or income.
Commercial software can be divided into three terms of needs, including

Software as a project
Software that is worked on by an individual or company to be used as a project to earn income.

This project exists only when there is a request from the buyer. And when the software is successfully created, the software automatically belongs to the buyer.