Advantages of Using Indihome WiFi
Advantages of Using Indihome WiFi

Not only that, why are there advantages when we use Indihome wifi. There are several benefits that we feel when we install Indihome as our home wifi. What are those? Here are 5 of them:

Provide Packages That Suit User Needs

Currently, the services of various internet providers are increasingly complex. However, the question also arises whether the available internet packages meet the needs? Make sure to choose a package that suits your needs. Calculate how many users will use at home. Also the desired internet speed. Also consider based on the price you can afford.

The safest, if we take advantage of the economical package. You can also use packages that are currently on promo. Indihome offers several package options, including Dual Play and Triple Play.

Dual Play is an Indihome package that has 2 services, namely the internet and telephone packages or internet and interactive TV packages. Meanwhile, the Triple Play package consists of 3 complete services, namely internet, telephone and interactive TV packages.

Get Favorite Shows Without Pause

Too busy with daily activities often makes us miss our favorite TV shows. Relax, there is a solution offered by Indihome WiFi. Namely UseeTV which makes us never miss any of our most favorite shows.

There are many TV channels available. Starting from national and international channels. Of course, the show was more entertaining and weighty. In this interactive TV there is one excellent feature, namely Play Back. Allows us to replay shows as we like up to 7 days back. In addition, we can also play it repeatedly.

Even in certain packages, we can experience the karaoke on Demand feature and Video Recorder. The images displayed are clearer and higher resolution. The experience of watching television shows will be even more satisfying.

Digital Antivirus with Extra Protection

The easy access to telecommunications and the speed with which information is spread evenly, has its own impact on its users. Open loopholes or spaces that make it easy for irresponsible people to mess with our data or privacy. To know more about business you can visit this site festivaldelladriatico

How Complex is the Security Device Installation Procedure?
There are only cybercrime or digital virus threats that infiltrate our digital tools. Starting from spyware, malware, phishing, and also other things that threaten our digital devices. However, by choosing Indihome WiFi, we can feel safe because we have got extra antivirus protection so that digital dangers no longer threaten us.

Fast and Stable Indihome WiFi Network

If we focus more on the internet network, then Indihome WiFi is the answer. It is able to ensure user comfort. The speed reaches 100 Mbps. With a very fast fiber optic network, of course, it can transfer data as fast as lightning.

Not only fast, the Indihome network also tends to be stable. We can still surf the internet with a stable network even though the network is shared by house relatives. Even the quality of the information can still be good even if someone is playing online games, Youtube’s, watching interactive TV, and streaming at the same time.

Fiber optic cable has also been proven reliable even in extreme weather conditions. This technology can minimize the risk of electromagnetic interference and lightning strikes. Even though heavy rain and lightning look scary, we can still enjoy various Indihome WiFi services smoothly.

Unlimited Cheap Home Internet

Indihome internet is guaranteed unlimited without any quota limitations. We can use the internet as much as we want without having to worry about the remaining quota. Just use it as usual until the end of the month. Indihome’s wifi service is suitable for households whose family members are teachers, employees, students, etc. Its cheap and unlimited services can really help us to keep working from home.

So those are the 5 advantages when we use Indihome wifi at home. Indihome has been recognized as the best provider in Indonesia. There are also many of your friends or relatives who install Indihome at home, right?