The Intel i3 processor and 8GB of RAM ensure excellent performance, while the 128GB SSD is a decent amount of speedy storage for your key files and applications. As for performance hardware, all models have an AMD Ryzen HX CPU for incredible performance on AC power. Things change on battery power, but that’s mostly a moot point for a gaming laptop since you will be plugged in most of the time. You can check out our Razer Blade 14 review for more information about performance slowdown.

  • There are big differences between desktop PCs and all-in-ones to consider.
  • If audio output is important, look for speakers with a minimum rating of 2 watts per speaker.
  • Most shoppers won’t need that much power, so we’d recommend the Lenovo yoga 7 slim for those who want a laptop that can handle everyday tasks without leaving a giant hole in your bank account.

The Aspire TC series is at the heart of Acer’s value range, and we think you could do loads worse than one of these basic, but solid, desktops. If we were buying Inspiron, we think this build is incredible value. What you get here is an all-in-one PC, so no need to spend extra on a monitor or keyboard. It has an 11th-gen i5 processor, which is pretty damn quick, 8GB of RAM, and a combo storage drive with a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD, and a 27-inch Full HD screen.

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Apple users have an easier choice, but the MacBook air is our favourite Apple laptop right now. Anyone can license this operating system, so you’ll see Chromebooks manufactured by a wide range of brands and available in various styles. The best laptop is the one that does what you need it to, and now, in 2022, you have the widest ever selection of brands, styles, prices and form factors to choose from. This computing specialist sells thousands of both new and refurbished laptops, from over 30 brands, with prices starting from a couple of hundred pounds.

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We also look at the accessories you need to complete your setup. On the other hand, if you want a PC that has gaming capabilities, you’ll want to look at brands like Lenovo, Corsair, Dell, or even Alienware if you’re looking for the highest quality gaming PC. The best computer brand depends on what your PC’s functionality is and what you use it for. Dell and Lenovo make great everyday use computers if you like Windows operating systems, but Apple also has great desktop computers if you’re able to afford how expensive they can be. Finding the best computer can be challenging since there are so many different types of desktop PCs.


AMD’s Ryzen chips have appeared in a few all-in-ones, in the form of Ryzen 5 and lower-powered Ryzen 3 processors. One of our top picks is actually a Ryzen model, and the company’s chips are turning up in highly regarded powerful laptops. Meanwhile, among Macs, Apple’s newest AIO, the 24-inch iMac based on the Apple M1 processor, is the harbinger of where things are likely going for the iconic iMac. With a screen 23 inches or larger, you’re almost guaranteed a native resolution of at least 1,920 by 1,080 pixels , and larger screens will go even higher. In many cases, that’s up to 4K—3,840 by 2,160 pixels—for a conventionally shaped screen, or 3,440 by 1,440 pixels on an ultra-wide display. High resolutions of that kind give you the ability to view multiple windows side by side, or view a spreadsheet three to four pages wide.

It is essential to know which operating system you need for your new computer. The compatibility it has with the different programs will depend on it. Note that all programs are available for all operating systems.