The CPU, RAM, drives, power supply, and more all get connected to it. The motherboard is the main board that is screwed directly inside the computer case. All other cards and everything else plugs directly into the motherboard, hence its name. Here is a complete list of all the common computer hardware components and common peripherals used with them. Going over the parts of a computer and their functions will help you understand all the vital components that make up a computer. We have a wide range of computer components available from fantastic brands such as; AMD, Corsair and EVGA.

computer parts

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RAM used on the motherboard often uses DDR SDRAM type memory. It helps dissipate the heat from the individual memory ICs, keeping them cooler. So, it can also be overclocked to deliver increased performance beyond the intended specification.

  • High-end computers called supercomputers are assembled exclusively to perform complex data processing, such as weather forecasting.
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  • Building a PC can be easy or as complex depending on the build and the PC parts you have planned.
  • All the arithmetic and logical operations are carried out in the ALU.

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Cpu Motherboards Offer Pcie® Slots And A Home For The Cpu

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