The Department of Computer Science is based in the state-of-the-art £13million Tech Hub. This purpose-built development offers highly contemporary suites of outstanding facilities for Computer Science and Engineering students. Our modern computing and engineering laboratories are equipped with comprehensive test and measurement equipment, high-specification computers, high-resolution screens and the latest hardware and software.

  • The theoretical content will focus on the design and modelling of object oriented and model-view-controller architectures/systems and any underlying data structures.
  • When two computers, the client and the server, desire to communicate data, HTTP creates a request and response cycle between them.
  • If you’re a UK/EU student and would like to know more about our courses, you can order a copy of our prospectus here.
  • Each layer necessitates a particular set of abilities, but web developers must be familiar with all the fundamentals to be creative while being safe in the field.
  • The Website not only depends on the web design and information content but many other factors such as the screen, the connection speed, and the browser used also.

We are interested in creative people that demonstrate a strong commitment to their chosen subject area and therefore we welcome applications from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. To assess student suitability for their chosen course we normally arrange interviews for all applicants at which your skills, achievements and life experience will be considered as well as your qualifications. This Framework aims to develop your professional skills and competence alongside your academic subject knowledge. You’ll study up to 40 credits per level throughout your programme from the Graduate Attributes Framework. Today, in web programming, we quickly realize that we cannot keep up with the rapid development of new electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and different screen resolutions. So instead of designing each appropriate version for each device, the optimal solution is to use responsive design – making our website suitable for all devices.

Foundation Year Overview

To start your application, simply select the month you would like to start your course. Wider Legal, Ethical, Social and Professional implications will be examined to enable you to appreciate the responsibilities involved in the development and use of computer products both in work and throughout society. Your placement period will normally be full-time and must total a minimum of 20 weeks. Your placement period will normally be full-time and must total a minimum of 40 weeks. When taken and passed, however, the Placement Year is recognised both in your transcript as a 120 credit Work Placement Module and on your degree certificate.

Responsive Web Design helps save a lot of time and money because you do not need to maintain different web versions for phones and computers. Using software tools such as Framer, Sketch, or Adobe Photoshop to build the final layout design of the web. Web developers can also use versioning functions to keep the history of the previous builds.

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You will be immersed in a research-rich environment with new and exciting insights into the discipline by our rapidly expanding Computer Science research groups. You’ll work in dedicated facilities to learn the skills you need to develop dynamic and responsive web based systems. From day one, you will be immersed in an exciting, innovative environment where you will develop your theoretical and technical knowledge and skills which will be directly relatable to your future career. Changes may be necessary to comply with the requirements of professional bodies, revisions to subject benchmarks statements, to keep courses updated and contemporary, or as a result of student feedback. We reserve the right to make variations if we consider such action to be necessary or in the best interests of students. Our web design and development degree is accredited by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Mind How You Grow: A Partnership to Improve Your Processes

We are now ready to create an individual template for the design of your web site. Whilst we are creating this we will ask you to produce the wording you want on each page and to think of some key phrases to catch the attention of the search engines and so bring customers to your web site. The data you provide to us is stored as an email on our email server, which is located in a secure UK data centre.