Can you return a tech product when you buy from Spanish electronic stores?
Can you return a tech product when you buy from Spanish electronic stores?

Good knowledge of the tastes of the person who is honored is essential to increase the chances of doing it right. But even so, there is always the risk that the size will not be correct or that the reaction will not be as expected. If you opt for a technological gift, aspects such as the color of the device, its features, size, or pattern can make all the difference. Several people on encountered problems when they wanted to return the purchased products.

Therefore, knowing in advance the return policy of each brand and store is essential to choose a particular item or manufacturer. In this way, surprises, somewhat unpleasant, are avoided later.

Given Covid in many countries, including Spain, some brands have chosen not only to take all necessary precautions – even with stores closed to the public – but have also focused much more on e-commerce. A good option when you want to buy a product and there are chances to return it is asgoodasnew and in some cases, there are units that have tougher return policies that are well known in advance.

Beware of open packages

In the specific case of Huawei, users who buy from the company’s online store have the right to withdraw and can return their purchases within a specified period and without any justification. But in the case of certain stores, such as the one the company has in the Plaza de Catalunya center in Barcelona, ​​users will see that, when purchasing a product, the policy changes. The workers themselves inform, before continuing the purchase, that returns are not allowed if the box is opened or if the product is removed from the packaging.

Consumer rights

However, buying a product and returning it a few days later in Spain is not, a priori, a complicated task. It is enough to deliver the device in perfect condition, in the original packaging, and to present the purchase receipt. But this action that consumers take for granted is not an obligation for companies, but a voluntary decision. The Consumer Law only establishes two cases in which return is mandatory: when the product has a defect or is defective and when the purchase was made online. In the latter case, the client has 14 days to withdraw without explanation.

Return must not be justified and there can be no penalty

As stated in Article 68 of the TRLGDCU, the exercise of this right is free of charge in general terms, but there are two exceptions in which the consumer must bear certain costs:

When a more expensive shipping method has been explicitly selected than usual, the consumer will not be able to request a refund of those postage charges.

Return costs must be borne by the consumer as long as the employer has informed them in the pre-contractual information.


As the Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) explained, there are a few exceptions: you cannot return personalized products (a mug with your face, for example), or goods sealed in your format (a DVD) or items that could cause hygiene problems (underwear) “.