Seamlessly integrating the latest innovations, computer engineers develop new computer hardware, design and implement software applications, and enhance the capabilities of networks and communications systems. Computer engineering involves the design of computer systems and related devices. It uses the techniques and principles of electrical engineering and computer science, but also covers areas such as artificial intelligence , robotics, computer networks, computer architecture and operating systems. The electrical engineering aspect of the discipline includes designing application devices, interface hardware, memories, and computer chips. The computer science component involves software engineering, programming, operating systems, algorithms and data structures. Year 3 provides opportunities to develop advanced knowledge and skills in microprocessor and sensing systems applications in engineering, as well as embedded systems, operating systems, internet security and IT management.

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Whatever you pick, you’ll spend most of your time in our £13m Tech Hub, home to our 3D Computer Augmented Virtual Environment . Engineering is all about being hands-on and thinking creatively to find solutions to society’s needs. Experiment in our specialist laboratories with practical electronics, robots powered by AI, and microprocessors. Discover why we’re top 10 in the UK for our learning resources (National Student Survey 2021 – Computer Science). As you progress through the course you’ll take on more independent study, guiding your own learning and developing your project management skills. Every course at York has been designed to provide clear and ambitious learning outcomes.

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The first-year courses in this degree program are usually more or less the same as those learned by electrical engineering students. Further specializations in usually cover the remaining three years of the degree course. Given the full range of degrees that can be accessed for those wishing to become computer engineers, what they do is extremely broad. There is no one answer here, due to the fact that a computer engineer performs tasks pertaining to their specific skillset.

  • Computer engineers get the opportunity to function nearly anywhere due to our increased needs.
  • Assess computer and electronic engineering designs by applying detailed knowledge of algorithms, devices and systems and by consulting relevant documentation and research.
  • Depending on their professional and educational goals, students may select from Master of Science in Computer Engineering or a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering.
  • However, candidates pursuing this programme have the option of further choosing amongst various other specialisations like telecommunication, web designing, computer hardware and software implementation and maintenance, etc.
  • Foundations of Computer Scienceintroduces you to the concepts and practices of problem solving through a series of innovative class seminars and individual experiments.

It demonstrates that the program adheres to nationally recognized standards and produces graduates that are prepared for career success. Provides students with knowledge of the components of embedded systems, including assembly language programming, computer organization, and processing. Introduces students to the object oriented design programming techniques, including different programming languages, data manipulation, and sorting. Furthermore, you will gain a practical understanding of the key concepts of robotic programming including its hardware, architecture and software solutions. You will learn about the latest developments in subjects while gaining the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the IT industry. began in 1939 when John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry began developing the world’s first electronic digital computer through physics, mathematics, and electrical engineering.

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The last two years focus on foundational classes in computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics. Many employers prefer engineers with advanced degrees, which means two more years of master’s degree work to qualify for those jobs. Finally, if professional goals include applied research or a career in academia, a PhD in computer engineering may be the answer. The master’s degree in computer engineering is designed to prepare students for further studies at the doctoral level or for career advancement. Master’s programs are available in both on-campus and online variants (check out this ranking of the best online master’s degree programs in computer science ).