This £32.5M world-class computational science facility provides the most up-to-date, high-quality teaching and research facilities, as well as networking and inspiration space for students, staff and industrial partners. • You will have access to dedicated computer laboratories and specialised equipment for projects, including Arduinos, smart home technologies and virtual reality headsets. • Our diverse academic team will develop your knowledge of fundamental computer science concepts and how they can be applied to solve real-world problems. An increasing number of employers require digital skills, meaning our graduates are highly sought after.

computer science

As this is a technical course, you will need access to suitable IT facilities. For this degree, you will also need Adobe Flash Player to view video material and a media player to play video files. If you do not satisfy the above GCSE requirement then Work experience will be considered on an individual basis. Student Relationship Managers- a team of Student Relationship Managers are here to support and advise you throughout your studies. They aim to ensure that you are fully up-to-date with important and useful information about how best to complete your studies. Data science is a significant subfield in computer science which has seen rapid growth in recent years as companies and institutions have begun to gather data at scale across many sectors.

Applicants Must Also Meet These Requirements

The University will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate , or a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our Foundation Pathways, for entrance to undergraduate programmes. The University will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate , or a suitable foundation programme, such as the Foundation Pathways, for entrance to undergraduate programmes. In the second year, you’ll build on the knowledge you’ve already acquired, engaging with new subjects that will help you identify possible career paths.

  • Students from INTI College and Prime College may be considered for direct entry to the second year of our Engineering programmes.
  • During this module you will further develop your problem solving, programming and program design skills, introduced in the module KV4000, Programming.
  • Topics will include algebra, reasoning and proof, set theory, functions, statistics and computer arithmetic.
  • Evidence of, for example, your initiative and ability in fixing bugs, improving functionality or building an app will help show your skills and interest in the subject.
  • Please see the University of Southampton International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme Statement for further information.

This information is part of a government initiative to enhance the material that higher education institutions provide about their degree programmes. Most of our undergraduate courses have study abroad or year in industry options and our employability team will help you find and prepare for your placement in industry. Although securing a placement is the responsibility of the student, we work with a number of organisations who provide a range of placement opportunities. If you are unable to secure a placement by the end of the second year of your studies you will transfer onto the equivalent degree programme.


If you’re a UK/EU student and would like to know more about our courses, you can order a copy of our prospectus here. We continuously review and improve course content in consultation with our students and employers. To make sure we can inform you of any changes to your course register for updates on the course page. Wider Legal, Ethical, Social and Professional implications will be examined to enable you to appreciate the responsibilities involved in the development and use of computer products both in work and throughout society.