iOS Operating System
iOS Operating System

iOS is the operating system found in products created by the famous Apple company. iOS was originally only developed for the iPhone.

But now iOS has spread to other Apple devices such as the iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV. iOS is an operating system with all its flaws. Not that there is a problem or bug in the operating system. But the drawback is in the features available on the operating system.

If we look at the development from the initial version to the current (4.2.1) and for iPhone CDMA (4.2.5) it is very gradual. And usually out of date with other gadget operating systems. However, with the iOS version 4.2.1, the iPod Touch can match its rival gadgets. I think iOS has good stability. And the iOS operating system is very user-friendly.

Features that exist on iOS and on the iPod Touch with software version 4.2.


iPod and iPhone users on the new iOS version 4.0 can experience multitasking. Simply press the home button then we will exit the application we are playing. If you open too many applications and you haven’t closed them permanently, the iPod will shut down.

then tap the red (-) sign. Then the application will stop permanently.

Create Folder

In version 3, the iPod touch and iPhone have not been able to perform commands to create folders. With the ability to create folders, iPod looks neater because it doesn’t have to have a lot of slides because of the many applications that we have scattered on the screen. With the ability to create folders, we simply combine similar applications and make them in one folder so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. How to create a folder, is by holding and sliding similar applications into the same place. Then a folder will be created containing two applications (originally) a folder that we can add its contents by doing the same way as above. This image shows the contents of an existing folder, with the name of the Game folder.

Air Print

If you can connect the printer to a wireless connection, you can use the aerial print capabilities. This is one of the additional capabilities of iOS version 4.2. and can only be done with a printer that can be connected with wireless capabilities, and cannot use a USB cable.

Change wallpaper

At first, the iPod Touch did not change its display wallpaper. And only available default view with a black background. Like the picture above (version 3.2), and after updating to version 4.2 we can change the background at will, like the picture above on the left (version 4.2).

Wifi and Airplane Mode

Added the ability of the iPod to connect to a wifi network. And during the software update version 4.0 added airplane mode.


So iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can be connected to speakers that can be connected using wireless capabilities.

Game center and Book Store (iBook)

There is the ability to easily access games to the apple store using the game center capabilities without having to go through iTunes or the app store. And the iBook store is a special bookstore in the iTunes store. But with the ability to access the game center and iBook store. We no longer need to bother going to iTunes to find our favorite books and games.

Voice Control

The ability to give commands to the iPod through our voice commands. Voice control capability comes with Indonesian, English, Japanese, and several other languages, and Apple has agreed to it. iPhone and iPod Touch users with 32GB 2gen to 4gen can enjoy voice control. While the iPod Touch 8GB is not supported by voice control facilities.

Google maps, calendar, youtube, weather, mail, contacts, stock, and voice memo.

The iOS operating system can be connected to google maps, calendar, youtube, weather reports, contacts, e.mail, stock, and voice memos.

With google maps, we can find out where we are. But to activate this ability we must connect to the internet or a wifi network. Because we can’t use it offline.

With Youtube, we can watch our favorite videos on YouTube. And we can only use it when connected to the internet. e.mail allows us to always update and read everything that comes into our e.mail. We can update stocks like stock exchange info when online. And can’t use it when we are offline. Voice memos allow us to have our voice and turn it into a message.

And many more capabilities that exist in iOS. That’s what the iPod Touch operating system can do that I use.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the iOS operating system on the iPod Touch:


  • It’s hard to get a virus.
  • User Friendly.
  • Have a great look.
  • There are good apps available. you can download it on iTunes using the free or paid iTunes account that you have.
  • The size of the internal memory is quite large. 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB.
  • Relatively easy FW UpGrade.


  • The price is relatively expensive.
  • We can’t add our wishes to the available memory
  • The appearance can not be changed at will. unless your iPod has been hacked. but it’s against the law. if known by apple, then your warranty will be lost.
  • Makes you lose track of time because the game is great, lots of fun, and lots of it.
  • the sound quality produced by the speaker output is very small.