Tips for Buying a Computer or Laptop
Tips for Buying a Computer or Laptop

Tips for Buying a Computer or Laptop. Buying a new computer is tricky. Easy if you are on an unlimited budget. Meanwhile, for people whose budgets are not too big, buying a new computer must be observant. If you buy the wrong thing, it is not only the quality that is lacking but the budget spent will be in vain.

Adjust as needed

Tips for Buying a New Computer The first thing you need to pay attention to is adjusting it to your needs later. It is necessary to question what your purpose is to buy a new computer. If it is used for office purposes, then buy a computer that has lower to medium specifications. If you need a computer to play games and do other heavy work, then you need mid to high specifications.

Pay attention to important specifications in computers

Tips for Buying a Computer or Laptop. Although all computer components are important, some components greatly determine the performance of a computer. Some of these components include the processor, computer RAM, hard disk, and video card.

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Pay attention to other supporting devices

For standard computer use, you only need the essential computer hardware. These devices include monitors, mice, keyboards, and computer network systems. Other enhancements You can add a printer, sound system, CD ROM, and other devices.

Monitors are considered to be important items because, without this device, you cannot see the data generated from the CPU. You can choose the type of monitor according to your needs. Make sure the monitor used is of good quality so that it can be used in the long run. If you want a gaming monitor, you can survey the most expensive gaming monitors in the world today.

The mouse and keyboard are also important devices because the mouse and keyboard function on a computer is a tool for entering data and processing data on the computer. You can adjust it according to your needs, whether using the cable version or using the wireless version.

Choose the default software

When you buy a new computer, there will be offers about the software and applications you want. If you are using the Windows Operating System, some of the built-in Windows applications and software will certainly be installed too. If you ask to install certain applications, make sure the application can be run on the system being used. this is because not all software and applications can be compatible with all operating systems.


Every electronic item needs a warranty or guarantee. Of course, we don’t want to buy a new computer device but it is easily damaged and many problems will occur soon. With a guarantee, we can guarantee that the items we buy will be replaced with new items for free without losing a penny.

However, this warranty does not mean that we can treat computers as they wish. This is because there are special regulations that state that guarantees can be made in the event of an accidental error such as an electric short circuit, a fall, and some other accidental mistakes.

Those are 5 tips for buying a new computer so you don’t buy the wrong one. If you are on a tight budget, you can try buying a used laptop but it is still of better quality.