Types of Keyboard from Port and Tools
Types of Keyboard from Port and Tools

Types of Keyboard from Port and Tools. A keyboard or keyboard is one of the mandatory hardware inputs on a computer other than a mouse. The keyboard has different types since computers were first invented until now, the keyboard has evolved to be more modern and sophisticated.

Types of Keyboard from Port and Tools. Serial keyboards are keyboards that were used in the early days of computers. This type of keyboard uses a serial port which you will only find on older computers. Meanwhile, for now, the use of the serial port for the keyboard is no longer found.

The PS2 keyboard is an older type of keyboard that uses a PS / 2 port. There are two types of PS2 keyboards, the first has 5 pins and the second has 6 pins. Apart from the keyboard, the mouse also has a PS2 port type.
A USB keyboard is a type of keyboard that is quite easy to use. Used here the meaning is like during the process of connecting this keyboard port, we can easily insert the USB port when compared to the PS2 port.
Wireless Keyboard is a keyboard with the latest technology today, this wireless keyboard uses a Bluetooth connection to connect the keyboard to a computer and requires a USB port to activate the dongle that connects the keyboard.

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Above are the four types of keyboards that are distinguished from the ports used. The keyboard is also distinguished again from the pulse used. Membrane Keyboard / Rubber dome and Mechanical / Mechanical Keyboard or often referred to as Mechanical Keyboard.

Membrane Keyboards (Rubber Dome Keyboards)

It- A cheaper price than a mechanical keyboard, Generally, the sound emitted when using a membrane keyboard is smoother than that of a mechanical keyboard. The membrane keyboard has several unique types and is suitable for use for those who have high mobility.

Mechanical Keyboards

Very comfortable and suitable for workers or gamers who use the keyboard for a long time. Easier to clean because specially designed threads can be removed easily

More diverse options such as backlight effects or additional shortcut keys that can be used to make it easier to play games or work

The keyboard is also distinguished in the arrangement of keys or letters

QWERTY keyboard

As the name implies, QWERTY is a row of letters on the top row on the keyboard. This keyboard was produced by the Remington Company in 1873, and the design of this keyboard was first used on a typewriter in the USA in 1874. The QWERTY keyboard is a development of the typewriter. The key arrangement was chosen to reduce the accidental skipping of key presses on manual typewriters.

DVORAK keyboard

This keyboard was created in 1936. The Dvorak keyboard was created based on the principles of biomechanical work and efficiency. The layout of the letter keys with QWERTY type is made in such a way that 56% of taps are on the right hand and the fingers that work mostly are the index, middle, and ring fingers. The arrangement of the letter keys is based on the frequency of use.


This keyboard is made to improve the existing type of keyboard, namely by separating the two parts of the keyboard (left and right). The left and right of the keyboard are separated by an angle of 15 degrees and tilted downward. Besides, the KLOCKENBERG keyboard has buttons that are closer (thin) to the work table so that it feels more comfortable.